We make premium signature Ice cream, Italian ice, Gelato and Sorbet.

What sets Roc-Star Ice Cream apart from the rest of the ice creams is that it is made with fresh mix, processed daily with low overrun (less air whip in it) and frozen at extremely cold temperatures (-40 below.) All these functions put together with superior ingredients create the finest ice cream that you will ever taste.

Roc Langone
Owner Roc-Star Ice Cream
Makers of Premium Signature Ice Cream

The ice cream cake flavors are vanilla and chocolate with a cookie crunch middle. They are frosted with whip cream topping, with beautiful decorations.

The owner of Roc Star Ice Cream Products, Robert "Roc" Langone, has 25 plus years experience as a dairy farmer and 7 years as an ice cream maker. Roc is a very conscientious manufacturer. His products are wholesome and fresh. Roc takes pride in the display and presentation of his product as well as the customers’ satisfaction.

For restaurants that want to:

  • Bring in New Customers
  • Increase exposure with a one of a kind ice cream dessert or dessert event
  • Serve unique, attention getting desserts
  • Increase average guest checks
  • Make more money

For groups and individuals who want to:

  • Have fun with a unique product
  • Celebrate a special occasion with a special treat
  • Show that they are unique
  • Enjoy the best ice cream that money can buy

"Remember, Ice Cream is the Social Pacifier."

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